About Mauritius

  • Mauritius is one of the most cosmopolitan countries on earth. The enchanted island is rightly called Gods own Island in the Sun.
  • A famous quote from Mark Twain “God created Mauritius first and then heaven” comes to every ones mind.
  • Today about 60 percent of the one million Mauritians are people of Indian origin.
  • Primary and secondary education is available to all.
  • Government is committed to provide quality education.
  • A public health care system providing basic services to all citizens free of charges.

Why JSS Academy at Mauritius?

  • Mauritius is one of the most advance countries of Africa with a strategic location.
  • Successive local Government here have built a strong foundation on which tertiary education (higher education) especially in the science and technology sector, comparable to the best in world.
  • The Govt. is also aggressively encouraging participation of private institutes.

Mauritius Snaps

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