JSS Academy – Highlights & Facilities

We provide you the best in class facilities and support for you to succeed. Good atmosphere and facilities are provided for your extra curricular activities as well. Education is not complete without the right exposure. We always encourage and support you to get good exposure from the industry.


  • Fourth Engineering institution under the aegis of JSSMVP
  • First Private Engineering College of Mauritius instituted in 2006
    • Mauritius is the Knowledge Hub in the Indian Ocean and is continually surging ahead of the pack
    • Excellent geopolitical environment conducive to Education
    • Policy to attract Industry players in Engineering field, providing excellent opportunities for exposure during course work and for eventual job placements
  • Engineering Education dispensed based on Quality Education at Affordable Costs philosophy
  • Facilities/Infrastructure
    • Located on a sprawling 8-acre campus at Bonne Terre, Vacoas, Mauritius
    • State of the art classroom facilities equipped with a host of teaching tools and media
    • Suitably-equipped laboratory facilities for a thorough exposure to practical training in Engineering and for project work
    • Separate Hostel for both boys and girls.
    • Open access library facilities with sufficient volumes of books.
  • A thorough and dynamic Curriculum developed by Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) as per the current Industry, Research and Academic needs
  • Carefully selected Faculty members
  • Exchange programmes with JSS Engineering institutions in India
  • Scholarships
    • Offer scholarships, on merit basis to the best admitted students. These scholarships are renewable on a yearly basis, contingent upon satisfactory academic and non-academic performance through the year
      • Full scholarships to the highest-ranked local prospective students.
      • Partial scholarships to non-ranked students with 3 A’s in the A-level subjects.

Facilities @ JSS Academy

All the necessary facilities, academic and non-academic, for providing a quality education for students are minutely paid attention to. These facilities include:
  • State-of-the-art classrooms equipped with all necessary pedagogical tools to dispense courses
  • Aptly-equipped laboratories to conduct practical training laboratory sessions and practical project work. These facilities are intended to Research and Development as well.
  • Library facilities
    • Textbooks provided for each student, complemented with adequate Reference books for each of the subjects serviced.
    • A 24-hour digital library for digital referencing, a host of knowledge pools relevant to all the courses, including access to research journals amongst others.
  • Extra-curricular Activities
    • In line with our philosophy of forging complete character development, we have the infrastructure and active extra-curricular committees headed by faculties and students to organize a number of various activities in the following domains:
      • Outdoor sports (Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Basketball, Athletics and others)
      • Indoor sports (Table-tennis, Board games etc.)
      • Cultural activities (Dance, Singing, Art, etc.)
      • Technical activities (Debating, Paper study and presentation etc.)
    • Organize yearly meets for the various activities
  • Accommodation
    • Modern and well-equipped on-campus hostel facilities that can be availed by foreign students (in priority) and by local students.
    • Hostel caters for the food requirements of the resident students, thereby ensuring students to concentrate on their prime focus of making the most of their academic experience on campus.
  • Placements
    • Has close links with various companies in the fields of courses and invite them on campus to recruit students by the end of the third year of their studies.
  • Exposure
    • Encourage students to use their vacations to gain exposure in the industry, to reinforce the curricular theoretical and practical knowledge they acquire during the academic semesters.
    • Organize class educational outings to select industry players to reinforce the exposure to industry.